This is my second purchase of the ScanKomfort mattress. I was amazed by the firm pocketed coil support of the mattress. It is comparable to another luxury brand mattress that I purchased 10 years ago and this is more affordable. Moreover, the mattress is made in Germany. My toddler loves the ScanKomfort mattress too.

I highly recommend the ScanKomfort mattress for people with back issues.


What Our Customers are Saying

I have bought a queen-sized mattress from Scanteak and it is really comfortable! The tension on my lower back has eased ever since i started sleeping on the mattress and this is a wonderful experience for me!


It was hard to find a mattress my wife and I both can agree on. She needed something hard for her back, I prefer a softer mattress. We managed to find a suitable one in Scankomfort with the right back support for my wife and the firmness for me. Her back pain has greatly been helped with this mattress. I highly recommend it.

Jackson AngCustomer

Was looking for a mattress that was firm enough to provide enough support for my back without sacrificing comfort. I decided to give Traumbetten mattress a try and I immediately fell in love with it, especially the washable covers!

Patrick WongCustomer