About ScanKomfort

Hello, welcome to ScanKomfort!

A new mattress brand by Scanteak, our bedrooms are a delightful respite from the hustle of everyday living. Inspired by simple Scandinavian living, we understand how lasting comfort is shaped by quality and technology.


Our German-engineered mattresses are certified by OEKO-TEX®, (a worldwide independent fabric testing system) and feature materials such as eco-friendly Tencel® fibre and AGRO coils - springs coiled twice as much as the industry average. Some also feature removable covers, which are machine washable.


Scankomfort mattresses come in four standard sizes: Single (3ft), Super-Single (3.5ft), Queen (5ft) and King (6ft) - ensuring that optimal spinal support and comfort can be achieved no matter what your needs are.


Choose from 3-zone or 7-zone support systems according to your needs: With thoughtful accents such as vibration dampening to reduce interference to your partner, or a larger area of zoning to provide greater support for your body.


From pocketed spring mattresses made in Germany to 100% Organic latex mattresses, ScanKomfort offers premium comfort at affordable prices, because no one should have to lose sleep over a mattress.