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Buying Guidelines


Some things are better off being known, and we like to make our policies as transparent as possible. Here are some things you'll need to know before checking out.

  Before purchasing
  Placing an order
  Before your delivery
  On the date of your delivery
  After-sales: servicing, returns, cancellations



    1. Please note that ScanKomfort does not provide the following services:
        • Trade-in/Buy-in programmes for pre-owned mattresses.
        • Custom-made mattresses.
      2. Please note that the images on and all its sub-domains/pages are for illustration purposes only, and actual colours may vary slightly depending on:
        • Lighting
        • Viewing angle

      3. We strongly recommend visiting our showrooms for a detailed look and feel at our products. ScanKomfort products dimensions may vary slightly from the dimensions specified on the website.

      4. All prices reflected on and/or other marketing materials online and/or offline are in Singapore Dollars (SGD, S$), and are inclusive of prevailing government Goods and Services Taxes.

        • All prices are correct at the time of publishing; ScanKomfort reserves the right to amend prices as and when deemed necessary.
      5. We currently only deliver to addresses in Singapore. Should you wish to purchase an item for use overseas, please note that:
        • You will need to arrange for a proxy and/or freight forwarder to collect the items from our warehouse on your behalf. Please note that warehouse opening hours apply. 
        • Taking any item out of Singapore results in a void warranty.
      6. Purchased items may only be held at ScanKomfort’s warehouse for 6 calendar months from the date of the first order date, and additional storage charges may apply for orders held after the stipulated 6 calendar months.
        • Additional storage time is chargeable at S$50 for the 7th month, or 10% of the total sales order amount (whichever is higher).
        • From the 8th month onward, storage is chargeable at S$50, or 10% of the total sales order amount (whichever is higher), per week.
        • ScanKomfort reserves the right to cancel (without refunds) any undelivered order if
          • the items have been held at ScanKomfort’s warehouse for 10 calendar months from the date of first scheduled delivery or
          • storage charges have not been paid upon final delivery.

          7. Last-piece/Showroom piece/Clearance items may only be held at ScanKomfort’s warehouse for up to 1 calendar month from the date of purchase.

          8. Before placing an order, do get familiar with the other sections on this page as well. Please also look through the ScanKomfort’s Terms and Conditions of Sale.

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          1. Items placed in the shopping cart will not be reserved until check-out is complete.

          2. Please provide accurate details. Your order details will be sent to your email.

            • For orders placed at ScanKomfort Showrooms: Order and delivery details may be changed up to 3 working days prior to your chosen delivery date. Please refer to “BEFORE YOUR DELIVERY” below for details. Please note that deliveries may be postponed if the change occurs within 3 days prior to the original delivery date.
            • Item and Delivery Details for Online Orders may not be changed via the website. To make changes to orders placed on, please contact us at 6336 1741 for assistance.

          3. Conditions of sale apply to purchases made on and/or at ScanKomfort's showrooms in Singapore. Please refer to "TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE" for further details.

          4. For orders made online, please allow up to the next working day for our staff to contact you to re-confirm your order. You will be informed if any item on your order is unavailable, and for subsequent arrangements which may include:

            • Postponement of delivery - in which the delivery of the entire order will be postponed until a date whereby the unavailable items are once again available.
            • Cancellation of unavailable items from order - in which the unavailable item is cancelled from the order, and a refund will be issued via the original form of payment.

            5. Private information such as your contact number and billing address may be required when creating an online account. More information on data protection can be viewed on our PRIVACY POLICY page.

            6. Standard delivery charges apply to orders that require our delivery and installation services. All orders placed are automatically scheduled for delivery on weekdays. The prevailing rates are charged per address per trip, at S$60 (weekdays) and S$85 (Saturdays). Please note that if your preferred date is no longer available at the time of your purchase, we will contact you to reschedule your delivery. There are no deliveries on Sundays and Public Holidays. Delivery charges are waived for purchases valued over S$2500. For delivery of small items and other applicable surcharges, please refer to our FAQ.

            7. To ensure that all customers are able to receive their items on the date of their choice, please note that we are unable to accept requests for specific delivery times.

            8. For As-Is, clearance and/or last-piece items, please note that the maximum holding period is 1 calendar month.


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            1. Until full payment is made, ownership of all items remains with ScanKomfort, and ScanKomfort reserves the right to postpone deliveries, or withhold / confiscate / recall any products which have not been paid for. This includes payments for delivery surcharges.

            2. Please ensure that there is sufficient space available at the location of delivery for your new items, as additional delivery charges and re-stocking fees will apply for items which are unable to be delivered due to insufficient space at the location of delivery.

              • Please feel free to refer to the product dimensions listed on our website for reference, or contact ScanKomfort’s Customer Service line (63686793).
              3. ScanKomfort’s delivery services only include delivery, assembly of new items (purchased from Scanteak only), and removal of packaging (of newly-purchased ScanKomfort items).
              ScanKomfort's delivery services do not include:
                • Requests for disposal, dismantling of other items or to shift existing items from one area of the house to another.
                • Customers in HDB residences may contact the respective Town Councils for assistance with furniture disposals.
                • Installation of mechanisms (e.g. anti-tipping mechanisms, etc.) and/or mounting of items onto walls.
                • Please contact your own contractor to perform such installations.

                          4. Our Customer Service team will contact you via SMS (at the contact number provided on your order) 5 working days prior to your delivery date to advise the delivery timing. A call-back number will be provided in the event the delivery timing allocated is inconvenient for you.

                          5. For condominiums or office buildings, please inform the estate’s management and/or security that you will be expecting a delivery. Do note that some estates require at least one week’s notice, and have restricted timings for deliveries. ScanKomfort is not liable for unfulfilled deliveries due to being denied access to private estates, and reserves the right to impose an additional delivery charge for a rescheduled delivery.

                          6. To change your delivery address: Please contact ScanKomfort’s Customer Service line (63686793 / 63674535) at least 3 working days prior to your delivery date.

                            • Please note that deliveries may be rescheduled as a change in delivery address affects the day’s delivery routes.
                            7. To make amendments to items on your order: Please contact any of our showrooms at least 3 working days before your delivery date.
                              • Please note that deliveries may be rescheduled depending on item availability.
                              8. To reschedule your delivery: Please contact our Showrooms or Customer Service (63686793 / 63674535)  at least 3 working days before your delivery date. Please note that requests to reschedule a delivery are subject to available delivery slots.  Additional stocking charges may also be imposed if the new delivery date exceeds 6 calendar months from the date of initial purchase.
                                • Customers will be required to top-up the difference in amount (S$25) in the event that a weekday delivery is rescheduled to a Saturday.

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                              ON THE DATE OF YOUR DELIVERY

                              1. Deliveries are normally made during regular working hours (9.30am - 6pm).

                              2. Our delivery team will be notifying you via SMS (at the contact number provided on your order) when they are En route to your delivery address.

                                • While our delivery teams strive for punctuality, please note that delays may be caused by traffic/weather conditions, and/or unforeseen circumstances such as vehicle breakdowns or unexpected requests at another delivery address.
                                • If a delay is caused due to any of the above-stated reasons and we are unable to deliver your order, please allow us to reschedule your delivery. No additional delivery charges will be incurred.

                                3. If you are unable to be at the delivery address to receive your order, please ensure that someone (of minimum 18 years of age) is able to receive the items on your behalf. Please note that this representative is fully responsible for accepting the items and ensuring that your order is complete, and without manufacturing defects.

                                4. If you are not at the delivery address at the arranged delivery time, our delivery team will wait for up to 15 minutes only. (E.g., if the allocated time slot is 1pm – 3pm, our delivery team will wait till 3.15pm.)

                                5. In the event of a Failed Delivery, please note that the following charges will be incurred:

                                  • Re-stocking charge:
                                    • For purchase amounts up to S$500: 10% of purchase amount.
                                    • For purchase amounts more than S$500: capped at S$100.
                                  • Additional charges for a new delivery trip: S$60 for weekdays and S$85 for Saturdays. These charges will be applicable regardless of the purchased amount.
                                        6. A delivery is considered as a Failed Delivery if:
                                          • No one is present to receive the items during the allocated time slot (including the 15-minute grace period).
                                          • The delivery teams are refused entry by estate/building management.
                                          • ScanKomfort receives a postponement request 3 working days before the date of delivery ('3 working days' includes the date of delivery). E.G. if a delivery is scheduled for a Saturday, requests for postponement can be accepted up till the preceding Wednesday, 5.30pm.
                                          7. Do check your items for any manufacturing defects upon delivery. For details regarding manufacturing defects, please refer to “OUR WARRANTY”.
                                            • In the event a manufacturing defect is found, ScanKomfort’s delivery team may not immediately perform repairs or recall the defective item.

                                                      8. In the case of mansionettes or private housing, our delivery teams may be required to move items up staircases. An additional manpower charge may be imposed on-site if our movers are required to carry items to additional floors.

                                                      9. Additional manpower costs are charged at S$10 per floor, starting with the 3rd floor.

                                                        • Additional manpower charges will be collected by our delivery teams upon delivery.

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                                                      AFTER SALES: SERVICING, RETURNS, CANCELLATIONS

                                                      1. Should any product defect be discovered at any time, 
                                                          • Quoting your Sales Order number, please send the following photos of the defective item to
                                                            • A photo where the whole item can be seen.
                                                            • A close-up photo of the defective area.
                                                          • Our Customer Service team will be in contact within 2-3 working days of receiving your email to make arrangements.
                                                            • Damages will be reviewed, and ScanKomfort reserves the right to refute claims regarding goods perceived to be defective in accordance with ScanKomfort’s PRODUCT WARRANTY.
                                                          • Please note that any claims regarding shortages or defective goods made one year after the product's date of delivery may incur servicing charges. Please view ScanKomfort’s PRODUCT WARRANTY for more details.

                                                          • ScanKomfort reserves the right to refuse services without a proof of purchase. A proof of purchase may be in the form of the original sales order number, or providing the original buyer's contact details. 

                                                        2. Cancelled orders, or items cancelled from your order before your delivery will be refunded in the form of store credit only. This can be in the form of either of the two options below:

                                                          • A physical product voucher (transferrable)

                                                          • A gift card for online purchases (non transferrable)

                                                        3. Refunds due to product defects (not including damages sustained by causes other than manufacturing errors) can be in the form of either of the three options below:

                                                          • store credit (physical product voucher or gift card)

                                                          • cheque (admin charges up to 5% of refund amount apply)

                                                          • payment reversal (for online transactions only; admin charges up to 5% of refund amount apply)

                                                        4. Re-stocking fees may be applicable in the event of failed deliveries or last-minute cancellations:

                                                          • Re-stocking charge:
                                                            • For purchase amounts up to S$500: 10% of purchase amount.
                                                            • For purchase amounts more than S$500: capped at S$100.
                                                          • Additional charges for a new delivery trip (if required): S$60 for weekdays and S$85 for Saturdays. These charges will be applicable regardless of the purchased amount.


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