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ScanKomfort's Warranty & Service Policy

Warranty Period

  • Pocketed Spring mattresses are covered by a 7-year warranty.
  • Pillows and all other mattresses are covered by a 6-month warranty.
  • This Warranty Period is effective from the date on which your ScanKomfort product is delivered (stated on your invoice/sales order).
  • ScanKomfort warrants against manufacturing defects during the Warranty Period.
    • This warranty only applies to manufacturing and/or structural defects, and is not a comfort guarantee.
  • The Warranty is effective from the date on which your ScanKomfort mattress is delivered (stated on your invoice/sales order).
  • The Warranty will not be renewed or extended under any circumstance. No additional Warranties will be issued for mattresses repaired during the Warranty Period.

Pocketed Spring mattresses

    • Repair charges are waived for the first year of purchase (for pocketed spring mattresses only).
    • For subsequent years, ScanKomfort mattress repair charges will be calculated as follows: the total number of years owned multiplied by 1/7th of the regular retail price at the time of purchase.
      • For the 7th year, repair charges are 6/7th of the regular retail price at the time of purchase.
      • Repair charges incurred for ScanKomfort mattresses purchased at specially reduced prices or as part of a promotion will be calculated based on the regular retail price at the time of purchase.
      • The number of years owned will be rounded up to the next year, regardless of whether or not a full calendar year has lapsed.
        • (E.G., A mattress owned for 1 year and 1 day will be considered to have been owned for 2 years.) Pro-rating of days will not be entertained.


    Pillows and other mattresses

      • Repair charges are waived for the 6 months of purchase, effective from the date of delivery.


      ScanKomfort reserves the right to

      • Charge for services rendered during the Warranty Period. This includes additional deliveries, handling and/or transportation costs incurred in inspecting the ScanKomfort product at your premises. This also includes the cost of transporting the ScanKomfort product to and from ScanKomfort’s warehouse/factory.

        • Delivery charges will be in accordance with the rates stipulated by ScanKomfort as of the time a repair service or exchange is requested.
      • Substitute similar repair materials or product models in the event that identical materials or models are not available at the time of repair or replacement.
      • Refuse service when a ScanKomfort product is found on inspection to be in unsanitary conditions, or if the product falls short of expectations due to causes other than manufacturing defects.
      • Refuse service when a ScanKomfort product has been moved to a premise that does not correspond with the Original Purchaser’s initial address (as stated on the corresponding invoice). This is because damages may have incurred during the movement of the ScanKomfort product.


      This Warranty excludes and does not cover/apply to

      • Body impressions of up to 38mm (1.5 inches).
      • All mattresses may show body impressions over time, due to the settling of upholstery and comfort layers. This is a common occurrence, and is not considered as sagging or as a manufacturing defect, but is an indication that the mattress is conforming to the contours of your body.  You may refer to the diagram below as a guide to how body impressions are measured:
      Mattress vs impression

        • Firmness or comfort preference.
        • Health issues or injuries sustained by the user as a result of comfort preferences, using, moving or mishandling a ScanKomfort mattress*.
        • Mattress handles. Mattress handles are designed for mattress positioning, and are not made to support the weight of a mattress.
        • Fabrics torn, damaged springs, bent mattress borders and/or bent grid wires as a result of customer’s use.
        • Wear and tear.
        • Mattresses that are deemed by ScanKomfort to have been mishandled or abused*, or damaged due to negligence.
        • Slight variations in mattress sizes (within 2cm in width, height and length) or weight.
        • Soiled mattresses, ticking, box springs or foundation boxes.
        • Embroidery of the ScanKomfort logo and mattress name.
        • Misfit of bed sheets and other bed linens. Please measure your mattress before purchasing bed linens.
        • Mildew as a result of poor ventilation of the mattress.
        • Mattresses infested with pests (includes bed bugs, dust mites, and other insects).
        • Mattresses purchased from unauthorized dealers and/or retailers.
        • Mattresses shipped to addresses outside of Singapore.
        • Mattresses moved to an address that is different from the address stated on the supporting sales order or invoice.
        • Mattresses sold for commercial purposes.
        • Mattresses sold “as-is”, as “showroom piece” or “last piece” items.
        • Transportation, inspection, moving and removal costs.
        • Mattresses that have been serviced by unauthorized persons, vendors, retailers or workshops.
        • Natural disasters, fires and acts of God.

        * Please refer to ‘Mishandling of Mattresses’ for examples of mishandling.


        Mishandling of Mattresses includes

        • Inadequate support from a weak, mismatching bed frame. Please ensure that the mattress is also properly ventilated to prevent the formation of mildew.
        • Bending, jumping or standing on a mattress.
        • Inappropriate storage of mattresses (especially applicable to inner-spring mattresses); please avoid storing your mattress on its edge over a prolonged period of time.
        • Using or storing the mattress in an unsanitary environment.