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ScanKomfort is dedicated to providing mattresses of premium quality at affordable prices, and we're more than happy to share what goes into our mattresses. (Note that some features are not applicable to all mattresses.)


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Foam box encasement

A thick foam border encasing the mattress's central spring support reduces likelihood of sagging mattresses and/or mattress border breakdown.

Non-Flip mattresses

Euro-top mattresses are designed with extra padding/cushions on one side of the mattress for added comfort. These mattresses do not need to be flipped over (but we still recommend rotating them) from time to time.




3-zone support system


Mattresses with 3-zone support systems feature pocketed springs of 3 varying intensities to provide targeted support for your shoulders, hips and lower back.

7-zone support system


A 7-zone support system means more targeted support for various parts of the body: head, neck, shoulder, back, hip, legs and feet. Recommended if you sleep on your back most of the time.

Bonnell spring


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The most common and oldest form of spring support, Bonnell springs are hourglass-shaped coils attached to a single top and bottom mesh layer. A strong border wire is used on both mesh layers to retain the bed shape. Our Bonnell springs are made from heat-tempered high-carbon steel wire (2.4mm). 
Bonnell spring mattresses are lightweight and inexpensive, but do not offer targeted support and motion dampening functions.


Pocketed spring



Individually wrapped springs which move independently of adjacent springs. This ensures that each spring lasts longer, and reduces motion transfer for an undisturbed sleep. Springs in Pocketed spring mattresses can also be of varied intensities (adjusted by the number of coils in each spring) to provide targeted support across various zones of the body.





Cold foam 

A high-density polyurethane foam, cold foam is durable and highly elastic, ideal for following the body’s contours while providing comfort and support. It is less porous than regular foam, which allows less dirt and dust to be trapped. This makes cold foam a hygienic choice for mattress padding.

High Density foam

A popular choice in bedding and sofas, high density foam is durable, and has high level of performance and compression to provide great support. It also minimizes heat retention and minimises motion transfer.

Visco-Elastic memory foam

One of the newest developments in furniture, bedding, and even toys - memory foam combines density and viscosity to provide a 'weightless' sensation without compromising on body support. Memory foam is a dense foam which softens in reaction to body heat. This allows the foam to detect and conform to your body's contours.

100% Organic Latex

ScanKomfort's latex mattresses are made of completely natural latex tapped from sustainable plantations in Malaysia. Our latex materials are non-vulcanized, which means that you won't be sleeping on chemicals such as petroleum (a common ingredient mixed into latex), or more harmful ones like sulphur or bleach (used to obtain a pure white appearance).

The elasticity of latex allows the mattress to conform pleasantly to the body shape, making it a suitable option for both back and side sleepers. Latex has an open-cell natural structure to allow excellent air circulation and breathability, which helps to regulate and maintain a comfortable temperature for sleeping.




  Anti-Bac upholstery

Anti-Bac upholstery have been sanitised and tested to reduce bacterial build-up, also reducing chances of allergic reactions.

  Anti Dust Mite

Mattresses with covers that cannot be washed have been, sanitised against bacteria and fungus for a hygienic sleeping environment.

  Anti Mould

With more breathable fabrics to facilitate ventilation, the chances of mould/mildew building up on your mattress are greatly reduced.

glass icon  Aloe Vera

An organic alternative that helps to reduce mattress odours, and helps with heat dissipation (a cooling effect) due to its fibrous nature. ScanKomfort features mattress fabrics that are either finished with an Aloe Vera infusion, or with Aloe Vera fibres woven into the mattress upholstery.

Aloe is also a preferred alternative for users with sensitive skin due to its anti-allergenic properties, and its lightweight nature discourages moisture retention.

  Removable & Washable Covers

Covers are washable up to 60 degrees celcius with mild detergent. Dryer safe & easy to maintain. Covers that can be washed eliminate the need for chemicals that prevent the accumulation of mould or bacteria, or even mites. A popular choice for children or senior citizens.

Climate fibre

Climate fibre is a composition of structural fibers, such as polyester and other man-made polymers combined to achieve benefits such as quick moisture wicking for an optimum sleeping surface.

Climate fibre uses thermal bridging technology to more efficiently prevent temperature fluctuations for improved the quality of sleep. Thermal bridges is an area that has a higher thermal conductivity than the surrounding materials, creating a path of least resistance for heat transfer.

Fibre f.a.n. Comfortfill®

A branded fibre developed in Germany in the 1950s, Comfortfill® is a siliconized, polyester-based hollow fibre filling. Combined with a skin-friendly pure cotton fabric, Comfortfill® achieves more volume, making it softer to touch. Its hollow fibre properties aids in temperature regulation for added sleep comfort.


Medicott® is an anti-static fabric specially developed and processed to prevent the accumulation of dust and development of mould and bacteria, a main source of nutrition for mites. 

Without the use of fungicides, Medicott® fibres maintain a dry microclimate, which aids to reduce moisture retention and encourage heat dissipation.




LGA Logo LGA Certification

All our German-made mattresses are LGA certified. The LGA certification is administered by TÜV Rheinland AG, a global provider of technical, safety, and certification services with headquarters in Cologne, Germany.

The LGA certification assures that our mattresses are in compliance with DIN EN 1957 standards relating to the functional properties of household mattresses. Tests include applying 1400 N (about 150 kg) of force on a mattress and repeating the action up to 60,000 times - simulating the normal use of mattresses.


 Oeko-Tex Approved

All our German-made mattresses use fabrics certified by this system.
The Oeko-Tex Certification, also known as Oeko-Tex Standard 100, is a worldwide consistent, independent testing and certification system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products at all processing levels, as well as accessory materials used. Mattresses with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 tag have been tested and certified by well-known textile testing organizations (all of which are part of the International Textile Association) in 15 countries around the world. Products labelled with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 has ecological security assurance, ensuring that there are no harmful substances in the environment for the users.


Other certifications

Our mattress components have also been certified by other quality-management authorities such as: