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What Is A Chiropractic Mattress And When Would You Need One?

What Is A Chiropractic Mattress And When Would You Need One?

Getting good quality sleep is critical for our health. It refreshes us physically, relieves stress, and allows us to stay sharp and maintain our cognitive abilities for work and play.

The surface we sleep on is just as important as the amount of sleep we get every night. A good sleeping surface supports our spine and allows our body to rest and heal in optimal conditions. However a less than ideal mattress might result in chronic back pains, and over the long term, can lead to serious mobility issues.

Most people do fine on regular mattresses, but some of us might need extra support. Particularly if you already suffer from pre-existing back issues. A good option would be a chiropractic mattress which is designed to help realign bad sleeping postures, and provide your back with the support it needs. Here’s what a chiropractic mattress does and the signs that you might need one.

1. What Features Do Chiropractic Mattresses Provide?

Regular mattresses already come with some degree of support for your back and spine while you get your beauty sleep. Where chiropractic mattresses differ is in the high levels of sophistication and technology integrated into the mattresses. Chiropractic mattresses have been carefully engineered for more targeted reinforcement of optimal spinal posture.

One example would be ScanKomfort’s chiropractic mattress line which comes with a 7-zone support system that aims to relieve pressure points in your head, neck, shoulders, back, hips, legs, and feet. This support system is provided by pocketed springs of varying intensities which move individually and reduce unwanted motion for better quality sleep.

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How Do They Help With Posture And Relieve Back Pain-chiropractic mattress

2. How Do They Help With Posture And Relieve Back Pain?

Everyone’s spines are curved differently according to their individual physiology. There can be no one-size fits all solution when it comes to good back support. Some people may benefit from softer mattresses, while others may need firmer sleeping surfaces so they don’t wake up sore and achy.

Chiropractic mattresses and their zonal support system are able to contour more precisely to your spine’s natural curvature. With your spine in a comfortable neutral position, your muscles aren’t under constant tension which means you are less likely to wake up in pain. This ability to shape around your natural sleeping posture means chiropractic mattresses can be a better solution for those who experience back pain from sleeping on regular mattresses.

Back pain doesn’t only involve the spinal region. It can be due to alignment issues with your neck, hips, or lower limbs. As compared to regular mattresses, chiropractic mattresses address back problems more holistically by ensuring your entire body is supported. From head to feet, proper alignment of your body improves circulation, reduces inflammation, and decreases muscle strain which can promote better posture during the day.

When Do You Need A Chiropractic Mattress-pocket spring mattress Singapore

3. When Do You Need A Chiropractic Mattress?

If you wake up feeling sore and stiff in the morning, there might be something wrong with your posture while you sleep and you should consider getting a pocket spring chiropractic mattress in Singapore. They not only last longer, but may help to fix pre-existing back issues.

If you already have a history of chronic back pain and suffer from mobility issues, then the extra support provided by chiropractic mattresses could be well worth the investment. Back pain and mobility issues tend to increase with age as muscles weaken and changes to your spine result in more stiffness. Chiropractic mattresses address these issues with added targeted support and may be able to alleviate pain and mobility problems over the long term.

A significant portion of our day is spent sleeping, and a mattress that keeps your spine well aligned can go a long way in bettering your posture and reducing the load on back muscles and joints. Enhance your quality of sleep and life by opting for a chiropractic mattress which comes with several features meant to reduce pain, increase back support, and give you the comfortable rest you need to recharge.

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