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Ortho Schlaf


Made in Germany from start to finish, the Ortho Schlaf mattress features pocketed springs that have been coiled twice as much as the industry standard, providing firmer, long-lasting support. Comfort is enhanced with a solid slab of visco-elastic memory foam for contouring, pressure relief and motion dampening.

Height (Approx): 267mm (10.5")
Sizes: King (6ft), Queen (5ft)
Support Type:  Pocketed Spring, 7-zone support
Upholstery: Removable and machine-washable.
F.A.N. Comfortfill® Knitted Fabric, Anti Bacterial, Climate Regulating
Padding: Visco-elastic memory foam slab and PU foam
Firmness: Medium
Other features: OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics, foam box encasement
Made in: Germany
Lead time: 2 - 3 working weeks, subject to stock availability.